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There has been much said in different quarters of our country about how things have really changed for the nation and her people. Some have said “how the mighty have fallen”, “giant of Africa my foot” and much more. The truth indeed is that things have changed and the dynamics are different for different folks.

How have things changed for you and your family? How are you coping with the changes in prices of goods and services without the attendant change in purchasing capability? How is your family coping in the face of recession?

The truth is you will be faced with many options and you will be required to make choices based on the amount of financial resources available to you.
For some people this can be a nerve wrecking moment in their lives because really there is so much to do but little financial resources to do the much. For others, it will be the choice of toning down to avoid envy and wagging of tongues but in all, we all have to make choices.

Choice management may be a concept or a paradigm that we may need to pay much attention to in the days to come because we will need to think more about the ecology of the things we need to do and how it impacts people around us.

Moral obligations will be laid upon us as we spend our hard earned money in the days to come as we choose where and how to spend our ‘little’ cash. Critics shall arise to judge us and weigh the impact of what we spend on and why we spend the way we do on our behalf.

“He is rich but doesn’t give to the poor.”

“She is stingy, she sticks to her budget.”

People will be people and you will be you, remember however that if you must spend on the things you want to spend on, make ecological choices. Make the right choices.

Tosin Praise Fowowe
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