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We heard it announced that Nigeria’s economy is officially in a recession. Before this official announcement, I have heard people complain bitterly about lack of money to meet up with bills.

Recently, I read in the news that parents are withdrawing their children from private schools to public schools because they can no longer pay the fees in private schools.

I understand perfectly well that lifestyle changes are in order at this point when the economy of the country is speaking German instead of English, where the oil seems to be dripping instead of flowing and cost of living has reached the high heavens.

People have gone as far as declaring gloom over themselves and their families. We are ensnared and bound by the words of our mouth. This is not the time to go with the tides of events of calling conspiracy what others call conspiracy. It is time to look within and ask “if the oil in this family is still flowing?”

Every family has got their own oil.

Don’t let your jaws drop, not just yet…because it is true.

The oil in your family is what gives you your income and puts food on your table.

Like the oil in Nigeria, the oil in the family is limited and will eventually stop flowing after a while either because of the age of the driller or health, lack of personal development, lack of adaptation to changing times.

While the oil is still flowing what are you doing with it? What are you doing with your 250k naira or your 1m naira salary/income monthly? Now that the oil in Nigeria is just dripping dollars what has she got as a back up? NOTHING! Nigeria did not diversify. We spent the flowing dollars like it will continue to flow.

Nigeria was killing herself by having leaders who were out for themselves alone, appropriating the dollars into their personal pockets without building for the future of the nation.

What are you doing with your oil?

The times are an example of what our family economy will be like if we are not planning for the future.

– Is your oil still flowing?

– What are you doing with the flow?

– What investments are you engaging in for the future?

Some peoples’ oil have stopped flowing with the stop in the nation’s oil while some people’s oil are beginning to flow in the face of the so called recession and economic downturn.

Is your oil still flowing?

If not, what will you start doing to ensure that your oil starts flowing in this season too?

Time to THINK.

I honour you.

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