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A few years back, there were health issues we had to deal with at home that pushed us to get information online, seek counsel, attend health seminars, seek medical help, pray and change our lifestyles. Those periods were brought back to mind (with much gratitude in my heart to God who sustains us) recently as I sat down to listen to the conversation of some aged women who were visiting with my host. As they shared their experiences, discoveries and decisions, I was glad we made ours much earlier in life.

As I continued to listen to their experiences, the story a very dear “egbon” shared with me came quickly to mind. My “egbon” told me “I practically chop my money” meaning the hard earned money was spent on food. I guess you could call this person a walking encyclopedia of restaurants. If you need to go eat at any exquisite restaurant then this person is your go to person.

This led me to another story that is a bit touchy for me because of the person involved. This elderly woman told me how she thought she was enjoying her life eating all sorts of sweet things and thinking other didn’t know how to enjoy their money. She had developed a sweet tooth and so spent her money on sweets, fast foods, chocolates, etc. To her, she has earned it so she can spend it. She did spend it and is still spending it om medical bills.

This is the summary of all these stories as they came to mind, the lessons I learnt hearing them. I wish I heard them 10 years earlier, these are thoughts to ponder upon:

  1. That you worked for your money does not mean you should spend it unwisely. Some may not have spent their money on food but I know ladies who have worn one acre of farmland around their neck as gold while some have carried a plot of land land on their head as Brazilian hair. I am not saying don’t look good, there is a time for it. First build your asset column then you can enjoy your expense column as you want.
  2. The fact that you earned the money yourself by working for it does not make you a slave of money. We are not defined by what we eat or where we eat it, we eat to live not vice versa. Eat out if you must but not always. If you find out you are always running out of cash, you may want to track your expenses to know what exactly you spend your money on.
  3. One lesson that is key for me is that in order to continue to impact lives and help other people to get their finances right, I must be strong enough to keep doing what I’m doing. This simply means I need to take care of my body so that it remains fit and healthy and I can remain relevant here on earth.

When you calculate the amount of money spent on eating out in a year, it may be the capital you are looking for to start that business. We (my husband and I) have had experiences in our lives that I’m grateful to God for, the experiences made us better people. It taught us to be prudent and disciplined with what we spend our money on especially when it comes to what we feed our bodies and the lifestyle we maintained.

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