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Olowo laiye mo is a popular saying around here meaning the society recognises the rich, affluent and wealthy. People are friends with the philanthropist and the generous and a poor man is avoided like a plague. What systems are you building around d your finances to ensure that you are not a poor man. The truth is nobody wants to be poor but a whole lot of people are not aware of what they need to do to make that shift.

I was at that point at some point in my life. I thought having a good job and a good pay was going to take care of poverty but I was totally wrong. As your income increases so also the people that will spend it increases. Wealth they say has many brothers and poverty a loner. What ensures that you leave poverty is not how much you make but how much you are able to put aside as savings towards investments.

How do you explain the fact that the landlord of your house is the vulcanized that works on the tyre of your jeep or the Barber at the barbing salon where you trim your hair. I thought as much too, the imagination no add up. People have lofty dreams that they are helpless to make a reality. When Tade, Gbonju and I at different points in our lives came face-to-face with our realities and helplessness, at the very peak of it, we made that shift.

Let’s help you get to the peak and guide you through the process to jump-start your new reality.

Let’s learn together how to turn things around and build sustainable wealth. Learn from us as we learn from you. Join Tade Esan, Gbonjubola Sanni and my humble self, Tosin Praise-Fowowe at the May edition of the Money Clinic. The three facilitators playing different fields of wealth building, from real estate to automated businesses and paper investments.

Let’s help you discover your own route to wealth.


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